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Those Who Steal Your Energy

Those Who Steal Your Energy


Energy Vampires, regardless of the name, which in itself sounds all too Hollywood, they are in fact something that does actually exist. Energy Vampires are not imagined, they may be exposed in a fictitious imaginary way on a big screen in the theatre and even though this portrayal maybe artificial or fake, real-life Energy Vampires do indeed roam this earth.

I am positive you yourself may have had an encounter with one (or more) at some point in your life. If you have ever experienced extreme exhaustion, or boredom, irritation, anxiousness, overwhelm or a feeling of depression after spending just a few moments in the company of a particular human being, then you have been exposed to a very unhealthy action of exploitation.

The other person (the Energy Vampire) with whom you have been keeping company with has unbeknown to you been grooming you – setting you up in whichever way best suits their purposes later. If you find yourself in the path of energy vampires on a regular basis it is important to understand why you might be attracting them in your direction.

If you are currently struggling with a disruption in your life, or if you have a particularly harsh inner critic that never stops nagging you and continuously puts you down, you will be more vulnerable to a vampire attack. If this person is a permanent in your life, like a friend or partner perhaps begin to consider what your motivation is for having this person in your life?

If this person is a nuisance to put up with, then you are likely more resilient than most. If you are putting up with being drained just because you are too afraid to make a change, then you are paying a very high price indeed for that fear.

Humans that drain our energy are emotionally immature individuals who have a sense the whole world revolves around them. They are almost incapable of seeing things from another person’s perspective. They often lack empathy and they believe they must take everything they can get from others, believing also that giving anything back at all will deprive them of essential resources. Understanding the extent of your own emotional capacity will determine why you feel you deserve to be treated in such a way.

Developing a deeper understanding of your Self is the solution to loving your Self enough to walk away from humans that use you, manipulate you, take advantage of you and give you nothing at all in return for the amount of your Self you give to them.

Finding a Mentor, educating your Self about Energy Vampires and working on your personal Self-development is what will keep the vampires away, day and night. Energy Vampires are also known as Emotional Vampires because they have a tendency to drain the emotional energy out of everyone they come in contact with.

They are experts at eliciting emotional reactions out of others and then feeding off those emotions. As unrealistic as this may seem I have been an eyewitness on far too many occasions of an ‘energy withdrawal’ by an Energy Vampire, so I can say without a doubt, this phenomenon does exist.

Once you become privy to these kinds of people and you are no longer a target for them, you will find it is easy to spot them a mile away yourself, your own energy will react almost immediately letting you know intuitively to stay out of harm’s way. 

For more information on Energy Vampires and other subjects of this nature please contact me through my website annanda.ca

Much love and devotion