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The Value of Integrity

The Value of Integrity


Only invite people into your life that share the same integrity as you.

If you are an empathetic, kind and compassionate person you will not hurt other people with negative words or actions, so don’t allow anyone to hurt you either. 

Unconscious people don’t know the difference between their Ego and the connection they are meant to have with their Soul, therefore this makes these people self-indulgent, self-rightous and self-fish.

Why would you want to share your energy with anyone whom you know lies, disrespects, gossips and critisizes you? These kinds of people have one objective in mind only, and that is to pull you into their negative space, these kinds of people don’t like to see others succeed, thrive or prosper. 

Be choosing who you invite into your energy space, welcome only those who are kind, caring and compassionate with you. 

These are the kinds of people you deserve, those who make you feel loved for who you are.