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The Truth Can’t Tell A Lie

The Truth Can’t Tell A Lie


Some people work arduously through their Soul Work to bring consciousness to light for the evolution of their spirit, painstaking, gruelling and often punishing decisions have to be made to follow through with this kind of work. 

Burdensome demands and unfavourable considerations are placed on the person because the Ego will fight until it’s death rather than resolve to higher awareness. 

But once a perception has been achieved there is no going back to the old way of thinking, it just isn’t possible, once you become consciously wakeful to an old behaviour or an old way of using your mind to reason about something, your Soul intelligence becomes the predominant rational judgement and the Ego must lay down its sword. 

Following through with this Soulful intelligence may take its toll, especially when the conditioned belief and behaviour is deeply tied to the core of who you are. 

What if there is a contract you signed with another person’s Soul before you were born, and you took that contract more seriously than life itself? 

But as a Spiritual Being, you know the time has come to acknowledge a portion of the contract has been fulfilled and it is time to let go? 

How does this feel? 

I know myself this work of letting go will be emotionally dramatic and difficult but at the same time the most powerful spiritual work a person could engage in because it is for the benefit of both the Souls involved. 

If we do not honour the details of our Soul Contracts then we are not only impeding the growth of our own Soul, we are also obstructing another Souls growth as well, it is not fair that we hold another person’s Soul in shackles because we can not bear the pain of letting go. 

Higher consciousness becomes our truth once we let go, it is the divine part of the Souls progress and once the truth is observed we are no longer able to lie to our self again. 

No matter how difficult it becomes not to tell that old lie, we must live in our truth. 

The integrity of Souls is what will keep this planet throbbing in a vibration that will keep it alive, stand in your truth and be grateful for the Universe’s law. 

Much love and devotion