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The Train Temporarily Derails

The Train Temporarily Derails


It is interesting isn’t it, how easily our mind can slide us into an old way of thinking?

It takes only a mere second for our ego to begin its take-over when we are feeling oh so vulnerable.

There will be days like this, you know, the days when your guard is down and you are feeling weary and tired, the ego always seems to be able to detect this innocent state in us and it gets right to work with its fearful lies.

Only the slightest bit of time has passed and before you are aware you have slipped back into some painful old memory, recalling the event just like it was yesterday the rawness seems to return.

What does it mean, have I regressed back to the beginning and drifted astray from my spiritual beliefs?

What about all the inner work I’ve done, have I completely lost my bearings so much so I will fail to retain what I have come to know?

There is no need to stress and worry there is nothing squandered in your Soul,  have come to the truth of your consciousness will never lose you, some old memories take longer to fade than others, time requires patience.

When one gets lost in the tangled web of the mind and becomes pinned to the past does it mean there is a flaw or other imperfection in the belief system that has become such a part of their life?

Has something become deficient, weak and limited or does it simply only signify the human part of us, our mind sometimes has the power to drag us into the unconscious when the circumstances seem all too ripe?

Forgive yourself for your regression and be reminded sometimes there is unexpected construction on the tracks, there will perhaps always be an occasional rough patch on the path to inner freedom, it is just the way life is.

Old memories tend to fade, but sometimes not entirely regardless of what we have come to know about the truth of who we are. Be kind to yourself and be reminded you are love, even when the ego is begging for a feed.

Much love and devotion