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The Time In Between

The Time In Between


Time to breathe, rest and revive, this is what’s required after we descend on the mountain. 

Soul work is calculated as an ebb and flow of extreme turbulent energy, one minute you are throbbing in a vibration of celebration having conquered the height of the mountain peak, and then within a blink of an eye, you are being swept away in the snow slide of an avalanche. 

The sudden arrival of something so overwhelming is more than you can bear, the weight of the emotional turmoil crushes down on you with such a force, you can hardly breathe. 

The time between triumph and victory and the storms of collapse and foundering is indeed most important. 

You must remember to cherish the hours and days on the clock which gift you time to arrange and organize your recent defeat, there will be changes to be made as your ego is forced to adjust to your shift in consciousness. 

If you become distracted in the euphoria of what it is you know has been let go and you do not lazily loaf for a while there will be an important opportunity perhaps lost forever. 

We must understand when we come through the other side of the abyss which has consumed our physical, emotional and mental bodies, the Universe offers us time to adjust, calibrate and regulate our new vibration before the ice and snow begins to build yet another avalanche.

 If we heed the warning and use the time in between the overthrow and the disturbance the next upheaval will be less difficult because we will have to build a more solid ground for our self in the newness of our Souls energy. 

The journey of our Soul and the Ego is not for the spiritually weak and frail, do what you can to strengthen your beliefs about your life, who you are at the core of your being and reach deep inside the discovery of what you have inherited from your Tribe. 

And, remember the time in between is a dozen roses, the box of eloquent chocolates, the diamond ring and a glimpse of what freedom actually looks like.

Much love and devotion