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The Sun’s First Appearance

The Sun’s First Appearance


There is a certain peacefulness about the early mornings of a brand new day.

Moments, before the sun creeps above the horizon birds, begin to sing, the air chills just a little and anything green like plants, grass and flowers all seem to stand a little taller, they have waited patiently in the dark for the sun to feed them again.

On the other side of the world snow and ice cover, the land, a short time before daybreak in these wintery places only the sound the trees make with their icy branches can be heard, moving gently with their heavy load as the wind blows clearing the clouds away, no snow today.

As Mother Nature begins to awaken so do humans, stretching with their eyes still closed, time to face another day mutters the Ego.

Even before the first breath of a new sunrise, our mind has already latched onto thoughts that seem to weigh us down, no matter how positive we try to be, there is always the voice in our head to tell us stories we have heard so many times before.

We are granted scarcely a chance to catch our mind before it strikes, it seems to always be awake before we are.

The habit of consciously acknowledging our Ego before it begins to command of us, maybe more difficult than finding the courage to parachute out of an airplane. Like everything else in humans, life practice makes perfect so they say.

Repetition must be repeated to acquire a skill, challenging our Ego is no different, to maintain proficiency you must become fluent in a language that has an understanding of where the stories of the mind come from.

Much like rehearsing a drill day after day, intensive training to recognize the judgments of our Ego is the only way to finding peace and empathy for our Self and others as well, of course.

There is nothing contemporary about how our mind dictates our sense of personal identity, we have been battling many lifetimes to get to the root of who we truly are.

But this life experience is different, you are much more conscious of what you need to do now, fear is only a delusion of our judgemental Ego most all of the time.

Fear, trepidation, dread, panic, and dismay are only the work of our distorted thoughts, worry is such a waste of precious time.

Wherever you are, whatever life is trust you will know where to go from here.

Don’t listen a moment more to the repetitive voice inside of your head that constantly tells you who you are, instead begin to listen to the desires of your Soul, it’s has a much more positive view of the sunrise that brings a brand new day. 

Much Love and Devotion