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The Soul Signs A Contract

The Soul Signs A Contract


Sitting at the head table pen and paper in hand you look across at your elders and you know the time has come.

A seal of approval needs to go across your signature all you can do is wait.

There is another Soul in the room one who is very familiar to you, the both of you have spent time in other life experiences.

You and this other Soul have agreed once again to meet up in many years time, once you are both incarnated. Your Elders are in favour of this reuniting and so the contract now is considered legal and binding.

You know what happens next because you have been seated at the head table before, you know the routine and you understand the contract you have just signed, most of all you look forward to connecting with your Soul Contract when the time comes.

Many years later as a human on planet earth one random and unexpecting day, you meet a person you instantly feel an unusual comfortableness with, your intuition whispers you need to spend time with this new friend and so you follow what you know to be a synchronistic event and you go with your gut feelings.

Every meaningful person we spend time in our life is because of a contract you signed in Spirit with that person before you were born.

The sole purpose of this union is for one reason only, which would be to fulfil the details of the contract you both signed.

You for obvious reasons have no idea what the contract commissions but you do have a valuable tool for deciphering the secret code of your pre-arrangement with this other Soul. The device that will provide you with every single detail of your commitment to your Soul contract is your Intuitive Nature.

It is highly important that you follow your intuition as you spend time with the other Soul, if you do not then the lessons meant to be learned to assist in your evolution will be derailed and the learning will be much more difficult.

The Ego will try to pull you into the old pattern of behaviours, these will be your biggest clues to figuring out what the lessons are and what this Soul contract human is offering up in terms of development for you.

Be careful not to cross over any lines that your intuition wants to draw for you, do not let your Ego chant lies to you that will distort the truth of your contract. 

This is a time of growth, your Souls maturation is at stake now this is a very exciting time and you are ready, this you must know because your Soul contract person wouldn’t have shown up if you weren’t. 

Enjoy the karmic ride.

Much love and devotion