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The Soul Of Who I Am

The Soul Of Who I Am


I am writing this for all human beings who are committed to their spiritual path. 

The Soul of who I am is not the same as the Soul of another, I am unique within myself.

Everything about me is different from you, the way I think, the way I feel and the way I see the world are felt through senses that belong to me, and only me.

All I ask of the world is those who roam this planet, the ones I know and the ones I don’t you will simply honour who I am with no conditions as to what I look like or what I stand for.

In order for me to feel safe in this world I must know how to love myself but how am I to achieve this inner love if I am constantly judged and criticized by those who are supposed to assist me to the love within myself?

Maybe there are lessons in the criticism but perhaps there is anger and resentment also, am I meant to own the antagonism of another human being, I think not?

We must take responsibility for what we are meant to own as we trek our path to freedom.

Standing in our personal power comes with a price, there is no way around it.

In order to stand in our independence we must give up, let go and say goodbye, we have no other choice.

Those that condemn these decisions I make as I navigate my way to the liberty of my Soul have taken my resolve personally and through the eyes of their Ego.

For those I have left behind I send you compassion and I pray that one day you will see your own way to the light of your inner love.

Anger is a part of the equation and without it, I will not conclude my spiritual journey correctly, for it is my anger that I am able to let go and release for the good of my Soul.

For all of those who have angered me with your actions, behaviours, and words towards me, I thank you. The suffering you have caused me has enabled me to find the way to the one I love, honour, respect and congratulate the most and that person is me. Without those who have assisted me, good or not so good with the commitment I made to myself the devotion and loyalty I have honoured my Soul with, I would not be who I am at present. But I ask you a question, it seems a simple one to me, ‘why can you not accept me for who I am’? 

Much love and devotion