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The Princess And The Pea

The Princess And The Pea


The princess in the fable story didn’t sleep a wink one night, not because she was resting on a big pile of mattresses laid out by the King, but because of a single pea under the bottom of her bed.

She woke up from her restless sleep knowing something wasn’t right, but she had no idea what it was.

The moral of my story is quite similar when the Universe is pushing us to evolve there will be something in the foreground of your consciousness that is a nagging pain, and the problem is you just don’t know what to make of it.

All the clues to discovering your Souls growth are carefully and very neatly laid out for you, synchronicity will be abundant but it isn’t always easy to put the puzzle pieces in their right place. It takes time for the Universe to do its magic, time and a lot of patience.

The feelings that arise as you begin to raise the vibration of your energies will be arduous and what you must endure internally will be confusing, to say the least.

There may come a time when you want to throw in the towel, life on the spiritual path becomes far too painful complicated and bewildering.

Quitting isn’t an option though you realize and so the only solution is to continue what you started out to achieve, a higher evolution of your Spiritual Being.

It is ok to want to give up, and it is ok to feel afraid, exhausted, perplexed and alone as these symptoms are all natural fragments of your quest to the discovery of your Higher Self.

Every dream, every unusual encounter, every just by chance meeting, and every glimpse of something that catches your attention is a synchronicity and another ah-ha moment to help you navigate through the blueprint of your life.

The Princess didn’t sleep a wink that night in the castle all because of a single pea in the bottom of her bed, but the real reason she was perturbed was that there was something very special about her waiting to be discovered.

Just like you, there is something magical waiting to be unearthed in the Soul of who you are, so keep trekking on the path, never give up and know the Universe has nothing but the best intentions for you, trust the guidance it provides. 

Much love and devotion 



Annanda Healing Place

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process