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The Polluted Soul

The Polluted Soul


The Polluted Soul

Why did you come, what has been the purpose of your sufferings? 

Has it all been for nothing, or is there a divine purpose to that which has caused you pain? 

What am I meant to learn from the chaotic history of my life? 

These questions may be ones you have uttered under your breath while you have been swallowed by the darkness of the Abyss. 

The deep and seemingly bottomless chasm is a nasty, distasteful and agonizing place to linger, we seldom venture there on our own accord. 

The Universe sends us to this void-less and barren pit when it knows we are ready. 

The only prerequisite to visit the abyss is a sign from your Soul, it understands you want so desperately to heal your wounds. 

A polluted Soul is one which has strayed off course, disorientated and without bearings, bewildered, muddled and unbalanced like a demented hound indecisively searching for the preceptive fox. 

We gathered with our Guides and our Elders before our birth, together we planned and arranged, there was an intricate plan hatched for this life on earth. 

In the frame of our earthly stay there are lessons to learn, challenges to overcome, our integrity will be contested and the truth will be confronted, the competition involving the Ego and the Soul will bring us to our knees. 

The fight between the two will be an implicit demand for the veracity in accordance with reality, who are you? 

Our spiritual quest is to find our way back to the truth of who we are, the Soul of our Self before this birth. 

Pollution contaminates the substance of our spirit, it is dangerous and harmful, it causes dis-ease and it affects our mind, the impurity of our Ego influences the mastery of our Soul. 

Who has authority over you? 

You were born to be a leader, to reign and to guide, our world needs you now, cleanse your Soul so the armour you came with fits around you once again.

Much love and devotion