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The Pain Inside

The Pain Inside


Inside all of us, there is a pain from a long ago wound, no one escapes the hand me downs of the old and outdated patterns our Soul inherits from our tribal ancestors.

At some point in our life healing our internal injuries must become our spiritual quest, this journey is our way to a peaceful mind.

Letting go of what we are attached to in our internal world allows us to detach also from the material world, when we are able to release our fears it allows us to unhook our selves from the pull of the concept more is better.

To detach is to unfasten and untangle from the thoughts that keep in stuck the unhealthy cycle which we have struggled to release for many a lifetime.

Our mind is the ivory tower and we guard it safely, defending our thoughts to those who want to challenge us is easy because we are unconscious of the mindless damage our wars within create.

Becoming aware of what needs our attention is a gift indeed, there is no finer jewel to receive than to awaken to the truth of who we are.

It is you who is solely responsible to find your way through the twists and turns of your spiritual quest, they say there is no map to help you navigate, but there is a way and it is trustworthy.

Synchronicity is simultaneous, constantly provoking you to awaken and arouse a curiosity you never knew before.

Circumstantial situations that can’t be ignored their purpose has too greater meaning, each one is meant to trigger a thought so you may remember your karmic duty.

You are here to evolve, a developmental progress so complex, but yet it does not have to be difficult. Work at your own pace and let that be enough, the action of enlightening comes when we are able to connect to deep inner insight, it is there for all of us to see, no need to be afraid. 

Our World is in great turmoil this we know it can not be hidden, how can we help we often ask our self, the answers may not be easy but one thing is for sure, if we are able to undo what we carry within our Soul then we are doing our part to help heal our World. 

Much love and devotion