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The Minds Indulgence

The Minds Indulgence


What if we never had to experience another negative thought, what would our existence be like I wonder?

Consciousness is a constant battle of warding the Ego away, but better to be aware than not, I fully agree.

The art of recognizing your Ego voice above the whispering of your Soul is by far the biggest gift you could ever grant your Self.

Once you are able to perceive the indulgences of your mind, in any situation, you are then well informed.

With any liable information that is vitally important, we are better able and equipped to make life-altering decisions or any determination for that matter.

When it comes to the facts our Ego likes to indulge itself in sludgy grime, like a hog rolling in filthy mud on a sweltering hot day.

Drama should be left for the stage with the long red velvet curtains, it has no place in our everyday living.

As we move into a new dimensional era, the main theme is compassion, this sentiment is what will allow humans to evolve, there is no evolution for anyone or anything where there is lack of integrity.

What causes unhappiness, the answer is found quite easily, ‘we do’, we are the root of our misery and the feeling of not being satisfied.

When you find your Self in a state of despair two choices rest on your emotions, one choice might be to engage and lose your Self in the distress of the matter, or the other might be to simply question why.

Why is a really good place to start because it pulls us away from the drama and allows us space and time to contemplate and perhaps feel deeper into the meaning of the situation. Everything has something to teach us, which is very good advice indeed.

If you find your Self in a state of unhappiness, sorrow or sadness for whatever reason, take in a deep breath and as you slowly exhale begin to change your mind, because it is only your negative mind keeping you feeling this way.

Place your trust in the Universe instead of your Ego and see how quickly everything changes for the betterment of your Soul. Become a master of deciphering your Ego mind and you will never be unhappy again. 

Much love and devotion