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The Heart Aroused

The Heart Aroused


Perhaps the right way to find our place of belonging in this world is by stumbling towards it. I think we must first realize how desperately out of place we feel.

At times when we feel so out of sorts, some might label the feelings as depression but I feel more correctly it’s a case of, ‘it’s time to go inward now for a time’!

If we are able to practise going inward, we eventually come to realize that much of what we might relate to as depression, is in fact only a cry for something else, a need for change.

Often the physical body simply needs a rest, a time for contemplation so to draw attention to a long forgotten courage deep inside.

A courage within that we have neglected to hear or observe, an awareness that has long been discarded and forgotten. It seems that to find the real path we have to go off the path we are now on, even if it only for a short interruption from our daily life it grants us a chance to be witness to something else.

How are we to know that anything else exists if we don’t wander astray from what is safe and familiar? Without the courageous wanderers of centuries ago, we would not know this World as it is.

Many of the warriors who sought to explore, travelled aimlessly across the seas in search of something more, courage was in their blood, they were no different than you and me here now.

Bravery is the ability to do something that frightens us, facing our wildest fears after all is how we evolve. Humans don’t like to move out of their easy zone, the Ego insists the comforts remain familiar.

Appetites for change come from the Soul if we do not feed the hunger when the pains are calling, when will you decide to nourish your Self, when it is too late?

Don’t feel burdened by your unruly feelings, use them as a tool to stumble, seek not a way to quiet the disruptive, instead invite chaos, disorder and be disobedient to your Ego mind. 

Much love and devotion