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The Great Purge

The Great Purge


‘I purge my life of all things that drag me down’, she says without a single hesitation, ‘I will not be worn down again, and all that leaves me feeling like life is too heavy must now go’, she whispers from her lips.

I have covered up the curves that shape my Soul for far too long and for what no-one seems to have appreciated what has filtered through my veins, a million acts of kindness that have drained the fluid of my spirit, the suit that covers my body no longer suits me.

Who and what you purge at this potent time in your history will set the foundation of where you go from here, what course will you decide to take, what new shores will you navigate to land upon, what experiences have you yet to discover that lay restless inside your Soul?

Release what you no longer want to own that was passed down to you from your ancestors, old-fashioned beliefs don’t fit these modern times.

Purge from the darkened caves of the abyss and do not be frightened, those who enter its underground chambers are guaranteed to reach the light, stay with the fear and remember it will only be your Ego that speaks to challenge your courage.

Delving deeply into the shadows and around the secret corners of your life will not be compared to a holiday in France but more like climbing the 1710 steps of the Eiffel Tower blindfolded, a harrowing task indeed and not for the faint of heart.

There is no bigger lie told if someone tells you un-doing what you have carried heavy on your back for the whole of your life will effortlessly be lifted away, those that speak of shedding the layers of conditioning comes easy is incorrect and unconscious.

Each time you have made a wish or dreamt a dream or gazed at the universe and prayed for something more you planted a seed of intention, so many tiny seeds rest within your Soul waiting for the water of your tears to bring them to life.

Purge what weights you down and as you empty what you no longer feel is useful for your future cry upon your hopes and wishes and wait for the seeds to grow, those that flourish will grow strong and firm those that do not just aren’t meant to be, trust your spiritual faith.

Work on your Courage for it is within the strength of our fearlessness that we become the true spirit of who we are, don’t you want to get to know this person, isn’t he/she what you have been searching for the whole of your existence?

Much love and devotion