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The Gift of Astrology

The Gift of Astrology


The planets in our Solar System offer each of us unique energy each and every day, to assist in our Spiritual quest. 

The moon shifts from one zodiac sign to another every few days, enhancing our emotions so we are better able to navigate through our internal woundings. 

Becoming conscious on any level is not an easy task, the work of our Soul can be extremely frustrating, confusing, emotional, isolating and lonely. 

With the help of astrology, we are more equipped to ease our way through the suffering we endure while working through what arises.  

Understanding your moon sign, and your rising sign (Ascendant) can bring to light many aspects of yourself to assist you in better understanding your journey here in this life experience. 

Your North Node placement speaks of your karmic obligations in this life, your South Node gives you insight into your recent past life. 

If you have not yet looked into the treasures astrology offers as a blueprint of your experience in this present life, maybe you will become a little more curious now.