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The Feeling Of Restlessness

The Feeling Of Restlessness


It isn’t uncommon to feel restless while journeying spiritually, actually, I feel like it is a natural part of the process, to move through emotions and reactions that cause us to fidget a little when we find our self-waiting for answers to come that will allow us to move forward.

Perhaps you are feeling the symptoms that tend to come when one is looking for forward movement and yet you are just not sure what path to take?

The great thing about feeling agitated is the fact that it just proves something spiritually is actually taking place.

The unsettling you are witnessing inside of your Soul has a lot to tell you. If you are indeed asking the Universe to shine a light in the direction you are meant to follow as the next step of your journey, then I would say you are all ready to make a decision.

Maybe you have been praying, or meditating, perhaps you have been using spiritual cards to offer you guidance, or using mantras of manifestation with the hopes of feeling or hearing something inside of your Soul to help you along with your decision, all of these modalities are great tools to arouse your internal energies, but none of these procedures can actually make the decision for you, this is something you must do.

If you have come to a crossroads and there are several choices that you could make, maybe the biggest questions you should ask yourself are, what do I dream to do, what is my biggest wish and where truly does my Soul wish to wander?

Because it is in your dreaming and your wishing where your spirit is truly speaking to you, and where you are meant to truthfully soar.

Watch you don’t make your decision out of duty and honour, this could lead you down an old conditioned path, and you will only find yourself learning another difficult lesson in that old and dusty alleyway.

What if you are feeling you just need to wait, perhaps with the hopes things will unfold in time, these could be valid sentiments indeed, but what if it only your Ego mind hesitating to make you wait out of fear?

If you have been trekking on your spiritual quest for some time now then very likely the restlessness is asking you to make a change sometime very very soon. Change isn’t easy for a human to decide on their own, but it sure is better to be the one in charge than have the Universe take the reins and force you out of your comfort zone, I can certainly attest to this.

No decision is ever a wrong one if you feel your Soul is leading towards something or somewhere new then go for it, embrace the courage to take the leap.

Much love and devotion