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The Face Of Fear

The Face Of Fear


The face of fear is an evil looking thing.

Its dreaded face is disgustingly vial and its arms seem to be endlessly frightful. Like two silently slithering poisonous snakes they wrap themselves around a humans body so tightly one can barely get a breath. Fear has a way of cutting off oxygen to a Soul that relies on such a thing.

Worry and fret can set off an alarm which has no switch to turn it off.

The physical body becomes agitated, there is nowhere to run. You can’t hide from fear when it becomes a part of your breath.

What is one to do when terror begins to run through your veins like an animal fleeing from a predator? Your adrenal glands won’t stop injecting steroids, it becomes a constant infusion of energy that feeds your nervousness.

Fear induces anxiety, an attack that can leave you emotionally and mentally exhausted and overwhelmed.

Why do we allow ourselves to get to this place, a point where logic and reality become so fogged and clouded there is no sense of Self. It is because we don’t know how to trust our Soul, have we lost contact with the very part of our self which keeps us away from the fears we dread so much?

Have we allowed our Ego to supersede our intuitive nature, has our mind become this powerful?

It is a sad day when our conditioned patterns of behaviour win out over the Spirit of who we represent, an incarnation of purity, the exemplar of our Soul. Fear wears a face the Ego is all too familiar with, the more fearful the better says our distorted mind, be with fear and let fear be thee, says the mighty Ego as it laughs at our shallowness.

When this becomes the scene in the performance of the play, our life must take a shift. It is time to shed the dirty rancid and fetid cloth the Ego has wrapped around our Soul, a time has come to wear the gear of a Warrior, and it is time to go to battle.

Let the war within proceed, but this is a time not for fear but for courage everything you need is within you, dig deep for the tools to keep you alive.

You can win this combat, I know you can. 

Much love and devotion