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The Energy Of The Throat Chakra

The Energy Of The Throat Chakra


The physical energies associated with the Throat Chakra are; throat, thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth, and gums, oesophagus, parathyroid, and hypothalamus.

The mental and emotional energies associated with the Fifth Chakra are; choice and strength of will, personal expression, following one’s dream, using personal power to create, addiction, judgment and criticism, faith and knowledge and the capacity to make decisions.

The Throat Chakra energies hold the power of our will, it embodies the challenges of surrendering our own willpower and spirit to the will of the Universe.

The most costly energy consequences come from acting out of fear. Even when choices made from fear lead us to what we desire, they generally also produce unwanted side effects.

These surprises teach us that choosing from fear reduces our trust in divine guidance. We do live periodically, within the illusion that we are in charge of our lives, we seek money and social status in order to have greater power of choice so that we do not have to follow the choices others make for us.

The essence of the fifth chakra is faith. Having faith in someone commits a part of our energy to that person; having faith in an idea commits a part of our energy to that idea; having faith in fear commits a part of our energy to that fear.

As a result of our energy commitments, we – our minds, hearts, and lives become woven into their consequences.

Our faith and our power of choice are, in fact, the power of creation itself. We are the vessels through which energy becomes matter in this life.

Therefore, the spiritual test is to discover what motivates us to make the choices we do and whether we have faith in our fears or the Universe (yourself). 

Questions; 1. What is your definition of being ‘strong-willed’?

2.  Who are the people in your life that have control over your willpower, and why? 

3. Do you seek to control others? If so, who are they and why do you need to control them? 

4.  Are you able to express yourself honestly and openly when you need to? If not, why not?

Much love and devotion