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The Ego, It Cracks Me Up!

The Ego, It Cracks Me Up!


It’s funny isn’t it how we allow our Ego to ruin the best parts of our day, first thing in the morning before our feet hit the ground our mind is ready to pounce on us, reminding us of how tired we are.

Our Ego likes to taunt us with constant manipulation Even after a good nights sleep it convinces us we are still tired so with this as our first focus we neglect to look out the window as we slowly get out of bed, the moon is still clear in the sky, what a beautiful sight but we don’t see it, we are too busy being tired.

Breakfast is a rush there is so much to do before heading off to work. Isn’t breakfast suppose to be the most important meal of the day and yet we scoff down a bowl of cereal or worse we don’t eat anything at all because our Ego likes to remind us how little time we have and our Employer is keeping track of our tardiness.

Along comes the evening and your day at the office is complete, it’s family time now or better yet you have some time for yourself, the Ego, of course, has a completely different agenda to what your physical and emotional body is asking you for.

You would do anything just to sit in the backyard and soak up what sun is left before it gets too dark. What about a nice relaxing dinner, after all, whats, the rush everything on your to-do list can wait for another day.

But your Ego won’t give up it started to remind you of your duties while you were driving home from work, it keeps going over your checklist with all of the chores that need doing around the house it’s making you feel anxious almost as if you have a deadline to fulfill and you are running out of time. Stop.

This is where you meant to stop, stop and listen. Listen and observe the voice in your head because once you are aware of that voice you can do something about it.

You don’t have to listen to your Ego you do have a choice and an option to turn your thoughts around once you recognize and are privy to ‘the voice in your head’. Are you aware that this voice you hear isn’t even you?

The voice in your mind are the voiceful opinions of each person that has had an influence on you the whole of your life.

Think about it, how many of these people have left negative impressions on your psyche?

The voice in your head represents those negative options of others this is why your Ego isn’t really you. 

A lot to think about isn’t it? But I hope that is what you do, I hope you think about it but not with your Ego with your heart, because the heart of who you are, is who you are. 

Much love and devotion