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The Deepest Of Love

The Deepest Of Love


Do you feel it, can you feel it, the simple sensations of love?

I talk a lot about the Ego but rarely about love.

It isn’t that I don’t like to express myself when it comes to love, quite the contrary, intense feelings of deep affection have always come very naturally to me, it has been learning how to protect that natural part of my Self, this has been my Soul Work.

Love is a complicated matter, the word itself implies a power that sometimes is unmeasurable, in other words just saying the word doesn’t always give the emotions felt, justice.

Breaking into tears because of an outpouring of love, feelings of tenderness that seem to float up out of nowhere from deep inside your belly, this is true love.

Maybe it happens just because, it doesn’t have to necessarily be a reaction to someone or something in particular, perhaps this sensational response occurs because of the love you hold inside of you, for You!

Possibly the love oozing from your veins feels like it expands into the world, into the cosmos and then beyond all time and space, maybe in one incredible moment you feel a sense of love apart from anything you have ever felt before.

Tears tend to fall more rapidly when this occurs, it can be quite an intense experience. It is times like this when love exceeds all of our expectations, an out of body observation may happen to you.

The most beautiful love I believe comes when you are able to love your enemies, the people in your life that have hurt you, belittled you and challenged your integrity, when you are able to hold a space in your heart and embrace a deeper understanding for that person, or those people, then you have reached an elevated level in your Soul, and pure and precious love is your reward.

Love is all we need, the World as we know it, doesn’t need more hate, there is enough of that to go around already, our Earth needs more forgiveness, and that starts with us, humans.

Take a look inside of your Self for what you have a grievance for, is it worth it? Very likely not, if you dig deep there will be a hundred reasons why not, so make your mission of letting it go, not only will you benefit but the collective will as well. 

Much love to you dear Soul