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The Darkest Days

The Darkest Days


The skies are clear and the sun is high in the sky, a perfect scenario for casting a black crystal like shadow of my Self on the boardwalk.

When we were kids we used to entertain ourself with our shadow, making funny shapes and outlines as we skipped along, we laughed and giggled at our Self.

Those days are gone of lighthearted childhood merriment, mentioning our shadow now takes on a whole new meaning.

There is an expression, dark night of the soul which is a way of describing some of the most internally painful times in our life, this is because we are forced to face the part of our Self that we hate.

As humans over time we accumulate a vast array of shadows within our psyche, this deep internal darkness is a culmination of what we have come to recognize about our Self that we dislike.

At some stage of our existence in order to evolve our Soul, we must standoff with our Ego.

Like a game of thrones, a conflict deep inside of us begins to take place. We have been resisting this war with our thoughts for far too long, we have been unconsciously avoiding this confrontation because we know it will be torturous.

Once we recognize our Ego for the often loathsome and repulsive behaviours that it stands for, we begin to become more conscious and aware of ways in which we have managed our life in the past.

Not so worthy of integrity may be the theme of this new awareness. Every human makes mis-takes during their time here on earth, after all our Ego begins to feed itself when we are very young.

When we are vulnerable to our surroundings because of programmed beliefs about our Self, there is a tendency to make choices and decisions that do not fair us well.

Every mis-take we have made is stored in our Ego mind and categorized like books in a well-kept library.

The Ego draws from this information centre which more often than not constantly reminds us of our negative, pessimistic and cynical Self, in other words, the part of us we hate.

Dark are the days when the Night appears, there is no avoiding the work that it requires us to face, for without the darkness there is no possible method to make our way to the pure light of our Soul.

Much love and devotion