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The Collective Change

The Collective Change


It’s happening, the world is changing there is a collective growth spurt required at this time, are you feeling it?

So much chaos, so much turmoil, so much confusion, the key is not to get caught up in the drama and allow fear to manifest within you.

As humans we choose to reincarnate so we may elevate our vibrational energies, this will be the vibration we return to spirit when the time comes.

What we manage to achieve here in this life experience in terms of our Soul Work will determine the story of our next incarnation.

Each one of our Souls agreed to be here now, living out our life at this particular Cosmic time.

It is a uniquely potent time for all of us to work on letting go of our conditioned behaviours which we have inherited from our Ancestors, the patterns we habitually follow that do not serve us well any longer.

There will be many humans that are meant to be of service in the collective in this lifetime, if you have internally known this about yourself the whole of your life this far, if you have intuitively felt there is something else you are meant to be doing and you have felt this deep inside of yourself for a very long time, then I can tell you the time has come to discover this secret within you.

This Earth and this human race desperately needs us to step into our natural roles of service in whatever way it is meant to come to you.

The Young and the old are meant to be participants in this new age which has slowly been revealed to us, there are so many deficits in our culture, we are not only killing our selves but we are severely damaging our mother earth as well, if we continue this way both the human race and our earth will become beyond repair.

There is something we can all do, look around you and more importantly take a good look at yourself.

Allow your intuition to guide you, if it is a health issue that is limiting your Soul then work on becoming healthy again, listen to your body, do Yoga and find a Reiki Practitioner to assist you. 

If it is your emotional state of mind that is hindering your growth spurt then go for a healing session with a Mentor you trust.

Too many humans are relying on their Doctors to fix them, you must take control of your health if you want to get healthy again.

The world is changing, it needs to change are you going to be a participant in its growth of higher consciousness?

Much love and devotion