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The Chains Of Fear

The Chains Of Fear


The apprehension caused by a belief that something unpleasant is going to happen sends an alarm to our Ego that our Soul is getting the human ready to release something old and nasty.

There has been a fear harbouring inside of the human’s mind one which has managed to torture this person on occasion for a very long time.

Much to the Ego’s delight, it hits the panic button when given the opportunity of sending the human into a state of dread and distress.

The human knows it has two choices to sink back into the fear lock the doors, close the curtains and wait until the coast is clear, or stand rooted wide open, exposed and vulnerable so as to face this fear.

Your weapon in hand the Soul wants to conquer the inner demon forever.  

The weapon has been sharpened over time, synchronicity has seen to it, each time there has been a message to bring this fear to the surface the Soul knowingly has sharpened the intuition as a means of gaining an advantage over the Ego’s lies.

‘What is the fear’, the human asks, it knows only the names of those who have caused the drama but the truth of this fear is far from blame.

It is not those who make us fearful that we are to hold responsible for our pain. It is our obligation to unfold the map of our karma and study the journey step by step in order to find our way back home.

Home is where we feel safe, the origin of our trust our intuition is our safe haven no one can take it from us.

Condemn we must not, for this only strengthens the Ego, our work is to weaken the demon inside of us by our own means.

We must take responsibility for our actions, if there have been those who through their own fears have taken advantage then we are accountable for ending this cycle, by whatever means our Soul decides.

The duty of our spirit is to shed the layers of any old patterns that hinder our greatness, because it is only when we stand in our truth are we able to shine our light onto the world and assist the collective as a whole and our earth in its healing. 

Much love and devotion