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The Anger That Haunts Us

The Anger That Haunts Us


Humans like to anger, it is part of our grassroots and it is the dominant human emotion above anything else. 

Anger shouldn’t always be viewed as a negative, sometimes it can be useful to help us along our spiritual path. 

Being able to express anger in a productive and non-violent or over excessive way allows us to express negative feelings that are trapped deep inside our psyche. 

Harbouring anger inside our self can cause our physical body to become ill often with diseases that may be detrimental to our overall health. 

Holding onto cynical, inferior, harmful and damaging emotions such as anger can keep us in patterns of behaviours that shrink our Soul, no one achieves a happy and fulfilling life if anger and resentment are the predominant code of conduct.

If you are harbouring unpleasant signs of anger hidden deep inside of you, work towards releasing these unfavourable hurts and pains in a beneficial way.

A way which can assist you in moving forward with your Souls growth. The anger inside of you is only weighing heavy on your spirit, if you are carrying around burdensome and depressed energies that are causing difficult situations in your everyday life then it is time to overcome your karmic wounding and be done with the painful past. 

Face the anger for what it is so you can begin to release it. Sometimes revisiting an unpleasant memory can assist in dislodging emotional trauma. 

Be with the pain that takes over you, comfort yourself by understanding someone else’s behaviours had nothing to do with you, someone else’s decisions, words or actions towards you that have caused to you to anguish for a very long time were no concern of yours to begin with, these behaviours towards you came only from a deep-seated fear trapped and lodged heavily in the perpetrator. 

When the time comes and you are able to see your pain for what it is, your anger will dissolve. 

Hostility in your body does not serve well especially if you allow it to become a part of how you express yourself. 

We are not meant to hold onto what stunts our spiritual growth. Letting go is a process, be patient with this methodology and allow the guidance of your intuition to lead the way. 

Much love and devotion