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That Of A Scorpio

That Of A Scorpio


That of a Scorpio, to be bitten by such a beast would surely allow us to become conscious of the pain and fury we have trapped in the denial of our wounds.

To be bitten by any such animal, whether it be man or critter would allow what we harbour internally to become crystal clear as to where we must harness our personal power back to our self.

The injustice that spews like sewage from a society that still upholds inequity by those whose power is greater than our own, is inconceivable.

How are we to thrive if we are to remain unconscious or even worse, frightened and fearful of our unwillingness to see the truth?

Those who are ready to grow then this moment is your time.

We are entering an example of a new time for this world, an evolutionary and more advanced template for the archetype of the future, will you be joining me or will you decide to continue to be an oversimplified image of what our society dictates you must be?

We have been industrialized to the point where our planet is dying, the harmful effects of our polluted waters and the tainted air we breathe are leaving harmful effects on the quality of our human life.

Those who lag in the seat of their powerful positions across the country have crossed their arms over their chests and will not budge on the issues that are most important, the problem topics that have been swept under dirty rugs for far too long.

I find myself taking more and more deep breaths to calm my nerves, and to tame the anger that arises in me, it is not necessary for me to hear, see or smell the vile corruption that happens day after day after day, the unfairness caused by the people we will never have an opportunity to confront. ‘

There is a calling, a great summoning for the Empathic now more than ever before, leave behind the heavy coat that has been protecting you and instead put on your suit of armour so you may ignite the immense courage you have been storing inside, there is a Healer in you, get to know her/him.

You have been bitten by a Scorpio it is time to wake up!

Much love and devotion