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That Horrible Cry With The Precious Tears

That Horrible Cry With The Precious Tears

Releasing should be ugly if it isn’t you aren’t doing it correctly.

Crying under the Ego’s watch is not the proper way, any form of emotional release should be done without restrictions, inhibitions or self-judgement.

It is important to allow your Soul to react freely and in a way that would be considered unconstitutional, in other words, go ahead and violate all the golden rules and be rebelliously unrestrained in how you need to sob and wail.

Without a horrible cry, there are no precious tears.

Our Soul knows only one way to express its sorrow, pain, fear or grief, without an emotional outcry the energy we so terribly need to release remains trapped inside of our physical body.

When this energy builds it can create symptoms that can plague us more than grief itself.

A cry of despair is far healthier than the closed door approach society dictates to us is the proper way to handle our internal pain, men don’t cry and women must remain strong, what a ridiculous and absurd attitude and one that is beyond damaging to a society that knows only too well the mockery those in power are performing.

The whole of our world needs a good ugly cry, there certainly isn’t much to laugh about except for the absurdity which fumigates the dark and dusty corners of our civilization each and every day.

Our culture is in dire need of a metamorphosis and one that will bring a revolutionary change like we have  never witnessed before, a global cry to lift the anger not only in our self but for the collective also, and may our precious tears ignite the dawn of a new transformational healing for all of us and for our Mother Earth as well. 

Much love and devotion