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Symptoms Of A Yearning Soul

Symptoms Of A Yearning Soul


A craving soul is one who pines for more.

More of what we might ask our Self, perhaps what we crave is not known to us, it is something familiar but has no identification or label.

You can feel it in your belly, this powerful desire, like a dog hungers for water on a blistering hot day.

The thoughts are constant and with a haughty impatience, your Ego demands you find the source of your craving to feed its desires.

The Soul asks that you wait, think twice about what you feel, be with it, settle with it, and ask for guidance as to what it might be and where it is coming from.

A yearning Soul is the keeper of the golden key, one that unlocks the mysteries to your incarnation and why you are here.

What is my existence, all but to live as a human without a purpose to fulfil it? There has to be more, and if there is, courage will take on a whole new meaning.

Tapping into a power greater than anything you have known before is not for the faint of heart, but we all come here, each and every one of us to indulge in this almighty force, because it belongs to us, it is within us.

No two Souls are alike but there are some with whom we share a particular uniqueness.

Most relationships that come our way have something profoundly important to teach us. These lessons are not always pleasant, most often they cause us painful occurrences.

The art of evolution is a hurtful process. Almost everything we have been taught to believe about our Self must be unlearned, regurgitated, disgorged and ejected from the depths of where our true Spirit resides, so we may be emptied of the lies that bind us in fear and dread.

Underneath the layers of our conditioned behaviours rests your Soul, waiting in unyielding patience, inflexible in its conviction that you will eventually find your way to where it rests in its motionless state.

Is this where the yearning affliction is coming from, perhaps it is why the craving in your belly feels so subtle and delicate. Undeniably so once you begin to feel the yearning you will not be able to turn it off, not at least until you acknowledge that you are aware of it.

Your Soul you see is not one to break a promise, it pledged to assist you in your higher learning before you came here, it will never give up on that contract, not ever.

I myself have sworn by oath to help you grow, yes you, I will do whatever is in my power to assist your Soul, so if it yearns for something more, please don’t ignore it.

Much love and devotion