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What does surrender mean to you?

Are you afraid of surrendering?

The Universe requires us to surrender to a power greater than our selves, a power greater than our ego. 

Higher guidance is constantly working for us, synchronicity is everywhere each and every day in our lives.

Humans can be very rigid, unconsciously absorbed in the material world, attached to personal possessions, caught in the trap of conditioned behaviours and completely unaware of anything spiritual. 

In order to surrender one must have trust in the process of life consciousness.

Most often when we throw our arms in the air and say something like, ‘I give up’, is when life begins to happen in the directions we were hoping for.

Our free will gets in the way of just about everything.

We have these ideals of what we want, where we should be, how we should be living, unreal expectations we cling onto constantly hoping they will come true.

All the while the Universe has a completely different plan for us, a plan more suited, but we are not listening.

When things go wrong it is because something better is meant to happen.

If you know you need to surrender, because you know you are holding on too tightly to something, whether it is a person, place or thing, move out of your comfort zone and ‘let go’.

If you can find enough courage to surrender, you will soon realize it was the best thing you have ever done for yourself.