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Stoicism Often Feels Overrated

Stoicism Often Feels Overrated


Stoicism, it’s an unusual word but its meaning we know oh so well.

Patience is a virtue, this expression was written in a narrative poem in 1360 and even though it was written so long ago we humans may recite it, but we are not fully capable of practising what it truly means.

I myself definitely have trouble with patience, I’ve never been good at waiting especially so now I’m getting older. The whole ‘running out of time’ thing seems to be more consuming now than it used to be, and yet am I not meant to feel the opposite, is patience not meant to come with age?

Nothing in any written scripture has ever seemed to suit me, except for the saying ‘march to the beat of your own drum’.

I just wish the drum would beat a little faster so I could march at a quicker pace. Patience, it does often feel overrated wouldn’t you agree?

I suppose as far as the Universe is concerned it helps to know what we want to ask for, good guidance comes more readily when there is an objective in mind.

I’ve never been one to ask for material wealth, fame or fortune I’m more interested in ways I can be of service with the wisdom I have gained on the path I’ve walked to conscious awareness.

Wisdom is worth more than anything you could buy with money, and it is something you own forever with no conditions.

Our human capacity to accept or tolerate delay, or that which causes us trouble or suffering is measured by how little we anger with the situation.

It is not to say that getting angry isn’t healthy, it most certainly is, so perhaps restraint requires us to simply ‘let go’ of what demands patience from us instead of fighting for the outcome.

With Christmas just around the corner with a full moon in Cancer to highlight the festive season, I sense tolerance and calmness will be as necessary as the turkey that will decorate the merry table.

Don’t fret what is yet to come, no matter how long you have been patiently waiting, everything you desire will come in its time, have faith in yourself. 

Much love and devotion