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Stick To The Facts

Stick To The Facts


Often times when we are traveling through a ‘shift’ of consciousness confusion can arise.

Our Ego has strong ties to our mental expressions and therefore our ‘thinking’ mind takes over our intuitive feelings.

If there are times when you are pulled back into an old pattern and fear arises, your Ego is strong and willful and you find yourself feeling anxious, Stop yourself, take a breath and remember to stick to the facts.

What is it you know to be your truth?

What have you learned and become conscious of on your spiritual journey, about yourself and your inherited behaviours?

What do you trust within yourself (your intuition)?

If you pull from these facts you can then disarm your Ego and reasure yourself all is well, regardless of what your challenge is. 

Take your journey in stride, there will be highs and lows, tests and lessons, but one thing is for sure, you are a brave one for accepting your Souls calling to heal.