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I have come to understand that there is some correlation between anxiety and spiritual people.

Not only anxiety, but sometimes for a spiritual person coping with things mentally can be a struggle.

This isn’t because conscious people are ‘crazy’, but because they are more connected to what is happening in the world!

They are more aware of the things that are negative with society and more in tune with the suffering in the world.

So I like to say that an anxious, busy and chattery mind is a searching and connected mind.
Social anxiety is so misunderstood.

The ‘labels’ for people who don’t like crowds are many and they are hurtful. There is a huge difference between being a snob and being shy!

Crowded places, dinner parties, dances, shopping malls or grocery stores for the spiritual minded, it can be their worse nightmare.

People who are conscious have an increased ability to feel and interpret the emotions and mental states of other people around them.

They have elevated empathy tendencies. They can ‘feel’ and sense the emotions of everyone in their vicinity.

Spiritual people are often misdiagnosed with depression or other mental disorders, but could it be because they are more intelligent?

People who are anxious react quicker to threats of danger in their surroundings, fight or flight reaction comes quicker to them.

This should come as no surprise, since anxious people are constantly analyzing and processing information.
Some people who are spiritually minded tend to suffer from anxiety and the ‘down in the dumps’ feelings a little more than others, but this is because their eyes are wide open to this world.

They feel the sadness, disfunction and how much there is need for repair.

I believe that Spiritual people have a stronger intuition and often are psychic.

It’s not about them being mentally ill at all.

Having anxiety isn’t a disorder, because you can interpret the thoughts and emotions of other people doesn’t make you mental.

So don’t be afraid to feel what you feel. If you are an anxious person don’t let anyone call you crazy because of it.

There will be many people that will misunderstand you. Who cares!!!

Your connectedness is a GIFT.