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Spiritual Paradigm


HAPPY NEW YEAR, and Happy ‘New Paradigm’.

This is the new name for my blog writings. I chose this name because we as individuals and as a collective are indeed birthing a new shift of consciousness, a new paradigm is underway and it is meant to affect each and every one of us. With my blogs, I want to continue to bring about a new awareness of what we are to expect and what is expected of us so we may graduate our selves into this new consciousness not only to save our Souls but to save our Earth. 

Thank you for following me and thank you for allowing me to be your Teacher, I am devoted to you because I believe in the Spirit of who you are. 


Spiritual Paradigm

There is definitely a new buzz in the air so you may hear the word paradigm more often now, especially from me.

A new future is underway in our World, a new and exciting futuristic archetype which holds a beautiful spiritual vibe.

Whether you believe in Astrology or not there is no denying it has a huge influence on not only our personal affairs but the sequence of occurrences in our natural world and the collective as well.

A long time ago humans thought the earth was flat, it was a widely accepted belief until Pythagoras around 500 BC alluded the earth, in fact, was round, this set about a new paradigm, Pythagoras was suggesting an evolution, an expansion of the human mind at that time.

Here we are in the 21st Century and we are experiencing a massive new evolutionary shift, only this time we humans are being asked to open our conscious awareness from separateness to oneness.

We are being called to take action on the quality of our thoughts. The soul within us is trying to birth a new sense of responsibility to the way we live our lives, new leadership to the Earth and to our actions.

We in this new paradigm are responsible for the energy we radiate out into the fabric of reality, and we must learn how to take ownership of how our thoughts create reality.

Our work in this new shift is to embrace our connection with our soul and less with our ego minds. This new paradigm is a clarity of vision for our future, and one which will guide us to deepen our sense of meaning and purpose for our life.

The energies of this new spiritual paradigm is saying ‘wake up’ to the real reason you are here in this life experience, what did your spirit reincarnate for, get out of your egotistical patterns, the behaviours which keep you self-absorbed in fears that have no intellectual reasoning and only keep you stranded and apart from your genuine wholeness.

There will be humans that opt out of this new evolution, their inhibitions to overcome their fears will keep them from boarding the Ark that will take them to freedom, I don’t want you to be one of these beings.

I am a Teacher and my purpose is to assist you in any way I am able to find the courage to walk away from the ego flooding that has kept humanity in disarray and destruction so we may all step into freedom, peace, and love.

Much love and devotion