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Spiritual Colour


When your eyes are open what do you see, is it all in black and white or does the colour of colour touch the heart of who you are?

What we reflect on our vision forms our opinions and attitudes of who we are, do you perceive with your Ego or do you glimpse your world with your Soul.

Personally, I discern the colour of the deep blue sea, wherever I go the exalted and mysterious ocean follows me, I see my life through the lens of enchanting majestic realms, sublime and impressive beauty on a scale far-reaching the cosmic galaxy.

Our mind is the centre of who we are until we decide that our Ego’s perceptions are no longer good enough for the betterment of our Soul.

So I ask you again, what shade of life are you, what pigment, tint, tone or hue describes your Spirit? Does the rosiness of your face turn a pretty colour of pink, do you blush like a child when you feel awkward or shy?

Does your heart skip a beat when your eyes reflect back to you a sense of fascination, richness and excitement, or does your Ego mind warp and twist your internal sensations from something lively into something dead?

We have a choice you see when we open our eyes, there are two incredible influences waiting, hiding in the shadows for the moment our pupils come alive, one is our Ego and the other our Soul.

The Ego’s observation instantly creates hallucinations with negative tones, to think of colour is a ridiculous statement don’t you think, the mind recites.

The Soul, however, creates a mirage of richness, dreamy and hopeful rainbows ignite our energies, marvellous sensations to expand our horizons of hope, gratitude and love, oh what a joy to be naturally humble, I have been waiting for this for a thousand lifetimes.

Close your eyes and think for a moment, when you open them again what do you want to see, everything in black and white or the colour of colour?  

See your world with your favourite tincture today, imagine your world all dressed up in it. 

You deserve colour beautiful Soul, this I know without a doubt because the Universe whispered and told me so. 

Much love and devotion