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Speak Your Truth

Speak Your Truth


Often there is a certain confusion about what speaking our truth means.

When you say what you want to say from a place of wise compassion, and from a conscious heart then there is never a need to retract your words. 

Speaking our truth means we have worked on our personal boundaries, we have learned how to respect our Self, we understand our intuitive nature and how our Ego can work against us.

Communicating your emotional Self from the place in you that has evolved and grown from life’s lessons, can only be the truth, because you have lived through the challenges and they have allowed you to spiritually mature.

Never compromise who you are authentically for another person, especially when you know the compromise will only pull you back into the abyss you have already reconciled with. 

Speaking your truth naturally will come when you have traveled your spiritual path and you have made progress within the process of becoming conscious. 

Never give up on your Self, never compromise or give away your Self for anything or anyone. 

You are meant to own your life, and when you do fully and completely, you will have found peace and happiness.