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Soul Contracts

Soul Contracts


We are a Spiritual Being living in our human body in this human life for the sole purpose of elevating our Soul.

Other Spiritual Beings who come into our life, whether they are family members, friends, lovers, co-workers or simply just strangers, anyone who affects, influences and challenges us (good or not so good) has a Soul Contract with us. 

Soul Contracts are meant to assist us in achieving the higher elevation of our Soul.

Some of our Soul Contracts will put us to the most difficult tests, these people will poke at us where we are wounded the most. We will hate, loath, criticize and condemn these people, we will do anything to try to ease the pain we feel inside. 

I believe it is our Ego that gives us clues to where we need to heal the most. Healing is a process, there is no timeline nor is there an agenda to follow, no rule book or manual.  When our Ego is on fire and we visit the ugly of our Self (the part of us that invests in drama) this is our first clue as to what is being triggered in us to heal. 

We should not stay stuck in the ‘drama’, what is required is we move beyond the surface of the challenge at hand and start to begin to identify what we are ‘feeling’. 

This is the point where you are meant to exit away from blame, eliminate the ‘person’ that is annoying you from your mind and begin to own what you feel, label your emotions so you can begin to understand why you are feeling the way you do. 

This process will allow you to begin to see the bigger picture, which is exactly what the Universe (your Higher Power) wants you to see, your Soul wants you to heal. Your Soul wants you to clear the karma that you agreed to learn in this life experience. 

Soul Contracts will end. Your time with some people, even family will end. 

Once you have learned all you are meant to learn from that person (or those people), once you have elevated your vibration of truth with that person (or people) there is nothing more you are meant to learn from them, your contract with them has been fulfilled. 

Being able to internally come to a place of peace, a place in yourself where you feel gratitude for the Soul Contract and everything they taught you (good or bad), you have reached a vibration of love and compassion. 

Mission accomplished. 

Much love and devotion