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Sorry Has Its Time And Space (Part Two)

Sorry Has Its Time And Space (Part Two)


After a reliable meditative bike ride on the esplanade along the beach, I was able to make sense of the message the Universe channelled to me while on my way.

My higher power asked a question, ‘why are you saying sorry so much’, and it gave me pause to ponder, why was I using that word when it isn’t one that I particularly like?

Sorry has its time and space, sorry I clumsily stepped on your toe for example, but the sorry I had been using far too often while here in Australia, didn’t seem to fit that description.

Would you agree that it is a natural reaction for us humans to be over-sensitive in unfamiliar territory?

The intuitive senses are heightened, mental perceptions are keener and our sensitivity to other peoples energies, through their glances, gestures and dialogue are fully cognizance that much more.

There is no doubt since I arrived here in Australia my Ego came along for the ride with me, also feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from the magnificence of the climate and culture.

Although I am very aware of my Ego and it’s mind games it had managed to elude me in some thinking that I wasn’t particularly noticing myself.

When I took the time to ponder on my overuse of the word sorry in recent, I realized my Ego had been trying to convince me that I wasn’t a welcome guest here in Australia, I was an unwanted visitor, an illegal alien indulging selfishly on what didn’t belong to me.

Unbeknown to me every time I had willingly said ‘sorry’, it was my condescending Ego voice reminding me of my undesired attendance.

This of course, in reality, is not the case at all. Australians are naturally warm, caring and very social beings.

They easily strike up a conversation with anyone of a different culture, their curiosity for what lies across the ocean in other lands is heartwarming.

Sorry most certainly has its time and space, but we should never be sorry for feelings that come from our Ego, it is the heart of who we are that takes precedence in the World, where ever in the World our feet are grounded. 

Much love and devotion