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Something Deep


When you hear of ‘the light’, what does it mean?

When someone says to you ‘I Am’, what are they saying?

The light is the great presence within us. The light is who we are.

The light is our Soul.

We are the unspoken truth of the Universe.

Our Soul is the divine intelligence inside of who we are.

The light is the body of the eye. When the eye see’s only oneness, love and peace are yours.

The eye is how we connect to who we are, what we see to be our truth.

Our flesh counts for nothing, it is the spirit of who we are that counts for everything. We should constantly be looking within, and habits of judging and criticism should be removed.

If we accept that the World is bad, then that is all that we will see. If we change our mind, see only the light, then we experience goodness, and prosperity.

It is so important to find connectedness. If we are not able to connect to who we are, the truth of ourselves, then we achieve nothing of importance in this life.

It takes courage to face our truth. But everything you need is inside of you. All of the tools that will enable you to build on a relationship with yourself, are within you.

If you achieve affinity then you will achieve what it is to live.

You are not the voices in your head, you are light, you are love.

The light within me is who I AM.

Our goal is on this Earth is to find our way to our divine purpose, and to resinate in unconditional love for ourselves. For when we love ourselves, we can truly love.

When the labour that we do is from our heart and soul, when we are motivated from that place deep within us, we have found our true calling.

Take the time to be good to you. When you can nurture, nourish, respect and honour your physical body as well as your emotional body – you love yourself.

This love must be done with care and conviction. You are worth love, you deserve love and you deserve to be here.

You are part of the whole and you are part of the light.

The light within you is who I AM.