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So You Think I’m Weird!

So You Think I’m Weird!


So you think I’m weird, well thank you because being called weird is like being called ‘limited edition’, I will take the compliment.

People who are not like everyone else are made of the stuff you don’t see that often, we were born to stand out! Who wants to fit in and be normal in this messed up world anyway!

Being different should be celebrated, our individuality is unique and we shouldn’t be made to be embarrassed or ashamed of it. Being a weirdo isn’t a bad thing at all, it just means that we are brave enough to be ourself, speak our truth and express our own unique style.

Everything in life has it’s risks, including being normal, most of us understand there is risk when you decide to take a chance and aspire to be something more than ‘what is’. We have all easily bought into the ‘be like us’ mentality and to some degree lead a life that has been handed down by society, we have walked blindly accepting the cost of unfulfilled dreams and the uncomfortableness of a shrinking Soul, just to fit in.

Are we not here to let our light shine?

The thing is, when you really begin to accept your weirdness and the gift of why you are here, that is when things really start to get weird, this is when the really awesome stuff starts to happen in crazy wonderful ways.

Weird people think outside of the preverbal box, thank goodness because without that kind of energy this world would be a very different place indeed. The things that make you different is the stuff about you that makes you great.

Accept your weirdness, it might not be an easy choice to make for some, but once you accept that you are not like everyone else and appreciate that, your decision will allow you the freedom to live an exciting and enriched life apart from the norm, which in my opinion, is messed up anyway.

If you have ever said to yourself ‘I always feel so weird, like I just don’t belong here’, don’t think of it as a curse, celebrate who you are, you aren’t like everyone else and let that be ok, there is a reason for ‘you’ to be here.