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So Many Questions?

So Many Questions?


You’ve had enough and even though you don’t know exactly enough of what something has to give, do you feel like you are on the threshold of change?

Has the time come for you to pull out all the stops with something in your life which has worn you down to less than your limits?

Is it time to stop making excuses for that which your intuition, your gut feelings are telling you is not normal?

Do you wake up wondering if you are a freak because your life feels insane? Is it difficult for you to decipher what feels real and what doesn’t because you have been confused for so long you have lost sight of what it feels like to truly trust yourself?

Do you find it difficult to breathe sometimes, I mean are you able to take a really deep and meaningful breath into your lungs without exhaling with a sigh of what feels like depression?

When you are brave enough to stop and think about your life does it scare you to think of the changes you pray you had the courage to make?

Have you been unhappy for so long you have no idea what happiness feels like? Does the feeling of joy seem like an emotion that has long disappeared from your heart?

Do you find yourself crying more often it seems any little thing triggers deep emotional upsets in you?

There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t wish your life had more meaning, is this true? Have you started to ask yourself what life is really all about, what am I really here for what am I suppose to be doing?

Do you spend hours pondering why you are the way you are? Do you see behaviours in yourself that you wish you could change because you see how destructive they are?

Do you wish you had more patience so you wouldn’t have to lose your temper so often? Have you forgotten what it’s like to have zest, does your stamina feel like it’s been lost? Is your physical body giving you warning signs that you are ignoring?

Do you recognize your health is suffering because you haven’t been taking care of yourself? Do you wish you could make the changes you know in your mind you need to make?

Your mind is constantly talking day and more often than not at night as well, do you wish you could make it stop, do you wish you knew how to manage what you ‘think’?

Do you wish you could have the old you back, the you that used to know how to have fun, the free-spirited you? So many questions, if you have asked your Self one or more of these questions then your Soul is pushing you to grow.

Why don’t you want to grow? Why don’t you want to be happier and content/ You are the one sabotaging peace from your life?

Someday, sometime soon something will give because once you start asking yourself questions the ball is already rolling towards growth and change.

Don’t be afraid your Soul came here to challenge you so you could be a butterfly. 

Much love and devotion