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Sleepy Starry Nights

Sleepy Starry Nights


Each and every day brings a new energy to our ego minds, yesterdays turmoils are still there rattling around in our thoughts, but as we know our mind is always eager for new dramas, so  what is better than the dawn of a new day to bring an access of fresh worries and concerns to the forefront of our unconscious intelligence.

We, humans, are often unaware of the incredible amount of vitality we give away to keep our thoughts alive and active.

By the end of the day, on some occasions, the only reprieve to escape the agony of our mind is to fall asleep. We wait patiently for the day to turn to night and as soon as the stars appear we become relieved, soon it will be time to shut down and turn off the mystery of what is causing us such discomfort.

Although the thought of sleep might sound like a viable solution at least for a few hours, the Universe has other plans for our downtime.

Dreaming is a way for us to decode the annoying thoughts that keep us perplexed and bewildered. Our Soul finds unusual ways to get our attention and to our decision making ego mind, when we are under the spell of the starry night sky we dream our own solutions in great detail.

You may awake many a night annoyed and overtired, having spent most of the darkest hours restless and frustrated. If you are aware you had been dreaming quickly journal the storyline, the people who participated in your plot, the places you visited and the theme of your dream, there is a Morris code in there somewhere to assist you on your journey.

The egos days are long and often very tiring but rest be assured wherever you are on your spiritual path, it is only a matter of time before you are able to crack open the vault to finding peace and enlightenment. 

Much love and devotion


Annanda Healing Place

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process