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Sleep Is Overrated

Sleep Is Overrated


Shifting spiritually is no easy feat, there are so many symptoms some of them physical, some emotional and many which are mental stimulants, a lack of sleep is one of the main complaints.

Everything may get disrupted when the Soul is on a mission, no time to sleep when the engines of our spirit are revving in high gear.

If we are not tossing and turning in our beds we are wide awake in our dreams, taking in all of the spiritual information our Guides are inviting us to absorb and translate.

If you intuitively feel you are in a spiritual growth phase then it is more important than ever you take good and gentle care of yourself.

When our internal energies are running high we feel we can conquer the world, but if your sleep patterns are disrupted and you are not getting as much rest as you typically do, try to slow down a little during the day so you may conserve your energies a little.

Eat well and avoid any kind of stimulants like coffee and sugar. Don’t be alarmed if sleep doesn’t come easy, it is all a part of the internal process that is happening.

There is a great deal going on behind the scenes, your Soul is inviting you to embark on a great adventure, all the while the Ego is getting ready for battle it doesn’t appreciate your intuitive nature your mind likes to be in charge at all times.

So your mental constraints will be challenged during a spiritual shift and this may result in some restless, sleepless and intense dreamy nights.

Don’t be afraid, because unconsciously you have been praying for a change.

Allow your intuition to become your best and trusted friend, follow the synchronicities that will appear to assist you on this new and uncharted path, more importantly, take care of you.

So much of our upbringing tainted our thoughts about doing things for our self, it’s selfish if you are not doing for others, but this is not true especially now give yourself permission to make yourself number one at this time it may take a little practice. 

Spiritual shifting is an incredibly exciting time, you may feel wobbly and disorientated at first and that is ok, don’t give up keep going because you deserve this special gift, and you have been waiting for it for a long time regardless where you are on your quest for the truth of who you are.  

Much love and devotion