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Shivering Cold Or Sweat On The Brow

Shivering Cold Or Sweat On The Brow


It does not matter where we are in the world, our internal challenges come with us, there is no place to run, no area or space that will provide a release from our Soul work.

We are here to evolve whether we like it or not, and believe it or not it is much easier to succumb and embrace the journey than to resist it.

Let this statement become your truth because when you do life becomes easier. Surrendering provides hope, and hope grants us many new consequences which are filled with peace and happiness.

We humans don’t like to give in, we are taught to endure at all cost, our free will is stronger than any powerful titanium metal which allows our Ego to flourish and thrive.

Our mind is warped with negative patterns of thinking, so abundant are our pessimistic notions about our Self we negate, nullify and deny the very existence that we anything more than what we think.

This is far from the truth of who we are, and this truth in us is what we are here to find, have you begun this journey yet? ‘Truth’ you say, ‘what do I know about my truth’?

If you are asking your Self this question then you are well on your way, no one asks unless they are consciously aware that there is something else besides what they are at present.

Lies are the opposite of the truth, where are you telling yourself lies, what has your Ego taught you to believe about your Self, journal your answers.

Once you have your list believe nothing that you said about you which is negative, none of us are bad we have simply been conditioned to believe we are not good enough.

Ancestral mumbo jumbo that has been handed down to us, like rotten fruit escapes on an assembly line, it is mistakenly packed away and so becomes more putrid and rancid over time.

This is what happens to our thoughts, over time our Ego grows the beliefs we have about our Self, those thoughts fester and fester as our life moves on.

Truth resists the Ego and so allows us to be alive within our authentic Spirit, a true statement of the purity of who we are.

We neglect to embrace that we are all in this together, each and every human on this planet, we are all the same.

The colour of our skin, whether our hair is curly or straight if we are tall or short, it doesn’t matter because what is inside of us is the Soul.

The biggest decision of our life is to decide if we are going to have a relationship with our Soul or if we are not.

Those who do not then survive on their Ego alone, and alone they will most certainly be. Shivering cold or sweat on your brow the questions are the same, and dear Souls, so are the answers. 

Much love and devotion