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Sensible Conclusions


The word judgment often times gets a bad rap, it is grossly misused and misunderstood.

We frequently use the word judgement when we feel a need to defend ourself or someone else.

In which case it could be used appropriately.

No one should enforce their will power and discriminate another person, regardless of the circumstances.

To consider making an opinion or conclusion about another human beings behaviours, their looks, the way they dress or how they live their life, is a despicable assessment of which you may know anything about.

Subjective judgments about another person would be a result of your own perception, rightly so, for what you see with your own eyes or hear with your own ears would be considered the mental impression of your Ego and we all know that our Ego loves to judge.

Our Ego is ruthless and a force to reckon with, especially when it thinks it has the upper hand on the negative discernment of another person.

To bash and verbally batter another person is how our Ego fuels its authority and builds its strength.

What if we are constantly and habitually in the bad habit of judging ourselves, is this behaviour of anyone else’s business?

I think not, how I perceive my own existence and how I decide what is the best course of action for my life, is none of anyone else’s business and certainly, no one has a right to stick their nose in with an opinion.

An error of judgement by our egos is nothing to be proud of, where is the practice of prudence especially when you do not know all of the facts, to evaluate someone based on gossip, what a terrible misdeed.

Judgement should be used when there is a need to protect ourself from people who don’t have our best interest in mind.

Making a judgment call to exclude someone from our Tribe based on our intuition or a gut feeling, then there would be a decision for us to make based on our own judgement.

Passing judgment on a job offer that doesn’t feel savoury, of course, we need to come to a sensible conclusion with some sort of considered judgment in this case as well.

Judgment isn’t just a word, it has a deep and profound meaning, using it to judge someone else, for whatever reason can be extremely damaging, using it to judge a situation in our life that is causing us discomfort or harm, then it has with a whole other meaning.

Be careful how you speak it, use your judgement with good intentions only.