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Self Love is a Discovery

Self Love is a Discovery


Loving our Self is a concept that escapes us all.

Perhaps it is because we think we already do, that it’s an automatic reaction to being human, ‘what are you talking about, of course I love myself, I always have’, maybe this is your argument.

But it isn’t a thing that comes naturally to us, this is so far from the truth, loving our Self is something that we have to earn over the course of our life time, not only do we have to gain self-love, we have to learn to love our Self as well.

So many of our life experiences rob us of our own love, but of course those happenings in our life that diminish how much we care about our Self, have some tough lessons to teach us.

What we are meant to learn is suppose to bring us all the way back to loving our Self, sometimes this process takes years and years of hurts first.

The way to Self love is through forgiveness.

This conviction sounds easy, but it isn’t, forgiveness is likely one of the most difficult works of the human mind.

The truth is our ego holds onto every criticism, every rejection, all of undermining from other people and over time it weakens us into believing that we must carry hate and resentment in our hearts, instead of love.

It isn’t easy to forget what and who has wounded us, our brain keeps recordings of our hurts and generously plays them back to us, over and over again.

Often our mind can feel tortured, we can’t seem to escape what we constantly grieve over.

But what good is this distress doing to our physical body, and our Soul, we are the ones that are suffering because of. If your life is in a constant state of beating yourself up, STOP.

Allow your Self the immunity to begin, or continue if you have already begun, a spiritual journey of Self discover, it is time you got to know who you truly are underneath the conditioning of your mind.

Find a Mentor that you trust, everyone needs someone that they can let their guard down with.

Let this journey free you from the pain you are carrying inside of your Self, so you may be healthy, happy and at peace.

Much love and devotion