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Anything that regards our ‘Self’ isn’t always the easiest topic to talk about.

We humans are masters of self-criticism, we beat ourselves up whenever given the opportunity and on many occasion for no reason at all.

We very seldom trust our inner belief system, hardly ever giving credence to what we should have faith in without any doubts.

We tend to judge more than we won’t only because forming an opinion and deciding on our own conclusion is less work than truly getting to the facts of the matter, which always means looking inside of our self instead of blaming someone else.

Each one of our qualities is unique to who we are, our inner strengths, our positive abilities, our poise and self-possession and yet we so often won’t focus on these beautiful traits, we seem to be taken only by our shortcomings or faults and what is less than perfect, oh to be human!

The ego loves to see us suffer, it thrives being a witness to our discomfort or unhappiness, I’m sure at the end of the day it pats its self on the back saying ‘job well done’!

Our soul, on the other hand, sits quietly in the corner hoping one day we will see the light and wake up from the fog our critical imperfections and see only the beauty of who we are in the world.

If we refuse to see our virtuous soul how are we to expect anyone else to see it?

If we lack the sparkle in our shine then only dullness clouds the lens of another’s eyes when they look at us.

Self-confidence isn’t a dirty word, it doesn’t mean anything less than you love yourself, do not allow your mind to distort your vision with thoughts of selfishness, arrogance, conceit or egotism, this is only what we have been taught by our twisted societal obligations – stay small, follow the rules and don’t be heard, what nonsense!

In Buddhism provides a code of practice or way of life that leads to true happiness, without inner confidence we cannot be authentically humble.

Our world desperately needs more humans with a humble heart. 

Much love and devotion