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Samadhi (Self-Realization)

Samadhi (Self-Realization)


Samadhi is a Sanskrit word you may see a lot in Buddhist literature, it has sometimes been translated as concentration, single-pointedness of mind or concentrating the mind on a single sensation or thought.

Samadhi is what we all thrive for whether we are conscious of this or not, for the state of samadhi is where inner peace or what you may know as enlightenment is found internally.

Self-Realization is the spiritual path, to know of thy Self other than through the eyes of the Ego is the reason for reincarnation. ‘Life is suffering’, once said the Buddha and although this statement may be true it is in the understanding of the phrase where the true wisdom lies.

Humans suffer because of our mind, it is not the situation or event that causes us to suffer it is how we interpret what has happened to us.

Everything which crosses our path, good or bad has a divine purpose and this purpose is to teach us how to make our way back to our Self. From the beginning, as a small child into adulthood and the present, we are constantly processing messages we receive from many many sources which our mind absorbs as the truth.

These messages come from our Tribe, Social Media and our interactions with Society as a whole, each of these influences have something to tell us about how we should live our life, most of these impacts are a means of control, and intimidate us as such causing us to fear, our Ego coerces us by elaborating on our fearful thoughts, which keep us chained to outside influences.

In other words, we grow into believing we need outside influence in order to be a good person, to be successful, to be accepted so to ease our fears.

To be a slave to the Ego is to be self-ignorant, Samadhi is a state where one is released from mistaken identity and becomes purely aware of the virtue and purity of one’s Self.

And in the godliness of your spiritual path, whatever it may be at this time, I grant you continued courage and faith so you may reach the state of Samadhi, the ultimate union with your true and authentic Self. 

Much love and devotion