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Release The Dirty Hounds

Release The Dirty Hounds


When we open the gates to the enclosure we are indeed allowing the hostage to go free.

Identifying and becoming consciously aware of what is closing you off on all sides from releasing the negative energies which are suffocating you is called our Soul Work.

Without engaging in some form of internal evaluation there is no chance of growth, unless we evolve we will never experience true contentment which comes from feeling peaceful.

There must be a time when you begin to undo what has been ridiculously done.

So much of what we have absorbed and come to know as our personal truth over the course of our life is nothing more than hand me downs from generations of the past.

We cling to our Tribal inheritance and we protect these old behaviours at all costs.

We fight for what we have been taught to believe, often without fully understanding the damage we are doing to our self.

What we have grown to believe is the truth, how we must act, think, speak and live is nothing more than other peoples dogmatic attitudes based on their fears.

Traditions have their place in our lives but concepts which create internal divisions that cause pain and suffering to our Soul surely need to die.

Release the dirty hounds and find the courage to speak and behave within your own gospel, there is a truth which lies within each and every one of us, a veracity in accordance with reality known only to our self.

Sincerity is taught to us but it is laced with conditions, influential constraints which keep us from challenging our fearful Ego.

When there is a battle raging inside of our body and mind, symptoms of depression rear their ugly head, the Soul is no longer willing to resist and hide, the Ego is struggling to survive an old behaviour, now is the time to release the dirty hound so you may wipe your hands clean, your duty has been paid.

So many lifetimes you have been combating what other people have dictated to you, authoritarians who have commanded the mandate, stipulations to keep you in line with their fears, not yours.

What don’t you want to believe about your existence any longer?

What part of you feels too unnatural to belong to you? 

Work on courage in whatever way feels good to you, because building momentum of your courage will allow you to eventually release the dirty hounds, it is no longer necessary for you to protect what you don’t want to look after any longer. 

Much love and devotion