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RELATIONSHIPS, What do They Teach Us?

RELATIONSHIPS, What do They Teach Us?


Every person in our life has a meaningful purpose, every person that crosses our path in whatever way has an obligation to assist in the evolution of our Soul.

We, humans, are meant to have some enlightened knowledge of this or at least discover it as we become spiritually curious and spiritually more mature.

It isn’t until we discover this concept that our relationships begin to make more sense. So wake up to the alarms and begin to understand more of what you haven’t been aware of, what is it you are not seeing?

Tough is the lessons from some, and they will only get tougher if you are not consciously aware of what the text is trying to let you know.

People push our buttons, it is a way for their Soul to aggravate our Soul so as to bring attention to where we need to grow, if you are not aware of this objective or even worse, you are ignoring your inner feelings when this happens, then the Universe will bring on its intention in more difficult ways.

If your Higher Power observes you are compromising your Self in any way, synchronicity will be in abundance to help navigate you back to your spiritual purpose.

It isn’t easy to see the truth when we are in love or we care about someone else very much, love is a beautiful thing as long as the love you have for yourself doesn’t get tarnished, dishonoured or abandoned.

Remember your boundaries and carefully place them in front of all of your relationships whomever they may be, often it can be a good test so you may recognize first hand the authenticity of the relationship.

If someone has a problem with your borderlines, the marks that limit what you are willing to give away of yourself, then that person perhaps does not have your best interest in mind and there may be a big lesson in it for you, heed the warnings!

Without relationships, it would be more difficult to reach our Karmic responsibilities, but relationships don’t have to further wound us if we are conscious enough to understand their role in our life. 

Much love and devotion