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Reiki For Children And Teens

Reiki For Children And Teens


Dear Parent, 

Ask yourself this eye-opening, heart inspiriting question: “how can I bless, honour, and support my Child in their God-given mission in this life?

We as a society are waking up to increasing numbers of children who require soulful guidance, is your child a Starseed or Indigo?

Many children and teens are impacted unconsciously by the world’s energy. Not only are children and teens emotionally sensitive but they are also physically sensitive and can be easily overwhelmed. The calming practice of Reiki promotes relaxation and confidence.

With the ease and calmness of Reiki, children and teens are open to learning new skills and ways of being in the world in a way that works for them.

Children of all ages and Teens to age 18

1-hour session   (1/2 hour Reiki Healing, 1/2 Mentoring with Parent)  


40-minute  (20 minutes Reiki Healing, 20-minute Mentoring with Parent)