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Protect Your Energy

Protect Your Energy


There will be certain people that cross your path which are meant to teach you some tough lessons.

Everyone that comes into our life has something to offer our Soul.

Not all of those whom we have a Soul Contract with will be a ‘happy ever after’ story.

If there is someone who challenges you, be aware of what you feel ‘inside’, does their presence make you feel angry, resentful, unhappy, jealous….., if there is something negative you are feeling, that is their gift to you, they are bringing attention to what it is you are meant to work on releasing inside of yourself. 

Being around this certain person may be too much for you, if this is the case it is ok to honour your space from this person.

We must always be strong and brave enought to honour our Soul.

After all, we are here for a divine purpose, to elevate our vibrational energies.

Protect your energy at all times.